Lash Lift Shields

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your lash-lifting woes, Lash Lift Shields are exactly what you’re looking for. Designed for use with the lash lift system, lifting shields are available in 3 different sizes, providing an ideal fit on your lash lid. If you’re not sure which size to choose, you can easily trim them to the exact length you need.

lash lift shields

A lash lift shield should fit comfortably on the lid, and the natural lashes of your client should fall 3/4 up the shield. It’s important to choose the proper size for your client’s lashes, so they don’t curl back and have strange bends. Choose a lash lift shield according to your client’s natural lash length. If your client’s natural lashes are longer than the length of the lash lift shield, choose a larger size.
The inlet shields come in two basic styles, ‘1’ and ‘Natural Curl’. One lifts lashes from the root while the other keeps them straighter. The ‘Natural Curl’ collection offers a gentler curl, ideal for hooded eyes or male clients who want a subtle lift. It helps tidy up floppy lashes. In either case, these lash lift shields will work wonders for your clients.
You can also check for kinks and other issues by using a lash lift shield. For example, a 9mm eyelash extension may hang over the edges of an extra small shield, leaving a gap in the center. When using a small shield, you may not have applied the perm setting solution to the lashes. This results in a curled look, but without the full volume.
During the process of applying a lash lift shield, the eyelash growth is protected by an opaque layer of silicone. This layer helps lift and secure the lashes to the rods. Once the glue dries, you can apply a second layer of silicone on top to secure it in place. This layer should last a few minutes, depending on your client’s natural eyelash length. Then, you apply the first lotion, which will cover the lower half of the natural eyelash length. Then, you apply the setting lotion to fix the eyelash lift shield.
Shields provide a more natural look, and rods can give a dramatic L curl or more subtle lift. Shields, on the other hand, can be used by people with long or thick lashes. These rods are perfect for achieving dramatic curls or a natural-looking hooded look. Ultimately, you need to decide which one suits your client’s eyes best. It’s important to note that each rod size should be customized for the person receiving it.
The best lash lift shields are made of silicone which is 40 degrees, softer than other lash lift shields, and fit more comfortably on smaller eye shapes. They also feature grooves that help keep the lash lift shield in place. The best way to apply one is by placing it as close to the lash line as possible. However, it’s important to apply it as close as possible to the eyelid. Then, the procedure will take about five to six minutes.
When choosing a lash lift shield, always practice on the first few sets. You should apply it close to the lash line, so it lifts the lashes. It might take you ten or twenty sets to perfect your technique. In the end, you’ll feel confident enough to experiment with the lash lift shields. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You’ll be glad you did! If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably want to start with a smaller size.
Size is also important, and lash lift shields come in different sizes. Choose the smallest size to achieve the most dramatic results. Keep in mind that lashes should be at least eight to 11mm long, so a smaller shield size is the best choice. The most effective shields are the ones that fit perfectly on the eyelid. You can use a small shield for small lashes and a medium-sized shield for big lashes.